The Success Space is specifically designed to help You Boost your results,  so you can achieve Success, Happiness and Freedom!


We believe that life is meant to be a journey full of happiness for all of us and this is why we do our best inspire, motivate and help people improve, earn more money, enjoy life and live better. We are focused exclusively on teaching you how to make online business, digital marketing and sales automation better and more efficient than ever before, so you can have an awesome life.

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1426717904_tick_16 Learn how to become high performer and achieve your goals


1426717904_tick_16 Find inspiration & motivation for your own Success Journey


1426717904_tick_16 Learn how to become more productive and get things done


1426717904_tick_16 Understand the most effective marketing strategies


1426717904_tick_16 Find the best tools and resources that can help you achieve success


Unlock the Vault and get access to all of our Personal Development & Business Growth action plans, guides and video courses to absolutely transform your Business and Life!

  • Are you feeling frustrated by the information overload that is out there?
  • Are you confused what to do and how exactly to do it?
  • Do you have a clear strategy & action plan on how to grow your business and achieve freedom in life?


I know that there is a lot of information out there but unfortunately most of it is dead wrong and misleading! You don’t have time for trial and error and you don’t need to.


If you are struggling to achieve what you want in life, then you need a proper help and quality education. This is where The Success Space Club comes in place.

Bobby Velev and Sunny Bright

We are Bobby Velev & Sunny Bright and our mission is to help people like you grow successful business while having an awesome life, and this is why we have decided to create a space where you can find all the inspiration, motivation, advice and knowledge on the topics of Personal Development and Business Growth that you will ever need!

We called it The Success Space and we really hope that this will be the place for Your Success. The Success Space Club is the ultimate resource to help you design the life you really want.


Being a member of The Success Space Club you will have access to practical action plans and guides that will help you get your business and life to the next level … all delivered from real experts who are practicing what they preach. No theories, no fluff, no useless and boring stuff. Only things that are tested and proven to work.



We will cover things like:


  • How to install the right mindset and habits that will empower you to succeed in business and achieve your dreams;
  • How to quit your job and start your online business;
  • How to transform what you already know into asset and monetise it;
  • How to grow your email list;
  • How to find and attract your ideal clients;
  • How to create better products;
  • How to create / improve your sales page and many, many more.
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Join The Club

That’s right, our goal is to prepare you better so you can win faster, better and more efficiently.


If you want to …


  • Quit your job and start living on your own terms;
  • Improve your existing online business and increase your profits;
  • Grow your start-up project exponentially;
  • Become better at what you currently do
  • Improve your marketing skills;
  • Or just find if entrepreneurship is right for you



Then The Success Space Club is the right place for you!


And by joining today, you will have immediate access to all of the action plans, guides, “cheat sheets” and courses we already have for you. And of course each month you will get all the latest trainings that will literally transform your business and life.

But it becomes even better,

You will have access to Monthly Coaching Sessions


We believe that you need more than just videos, and guides on your way to success and this is why we have featured monthly coaching sessions that are designed to fast-track your improvement and success. You will have the opportunity to ask your questions and get proper answers, that are tailored to empower you.

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