Platform and Funnel Optimisation

Get your online presence, marketing funnel & campaigns optimized to drive much better results!

You can schedule an appointment with the seasoned entrepreneur and performance marketing professional Borislav Velev to find how you can improve your online business and increase your profits faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before. Use the form below to book now a 45 minutes consulting session that is tailored to help you improve your platform, optimize your marketing funnel and find the best ways to communicate with your potential clients and convert them into loyal clients throughout the power of the internet.
Choose from the services below: Digital Marketing Consultation ($120 per session with $30 discount if you book before the end of the month) in which you will get your marketing campaigns reviewed, analyzed, and improved or Platform and Funnel Optimisation Consultation ($150 per session) in which you will get your online platform and/or funnel reviewed, analyzed and improved.
PS. For a limited time only we can assist you to get an additional $10,000 to your marketing budget each month. Book a consulting session now and you will learn how you can get the advantage of this.

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